How to use this site?

  1. If you do not need the information or find they are unhelpful, do not read them.

• There is, by the way, an interesting advice and discussion in the comments about whether  not and how to stop reading the news regularly here.) I also remember the advice (possibly given by Robert Muller somewhere a while ago) who just browsed through the title of the articles in a newspaper (mostly?).

• If you do not need them but do not want to abstain from reading something (e.g. during breakfast, lunch, or dinner…), what about at least reading websites which further your true aims, like, e.g. The 4 Hour Work Week-Site or, if you are inclined spiritually, some of the books or websites mentioned here?

• When I was in America a while ago, there used to be on Television a special “Good news” news, presented by John Forsythe (I could not find the title during a brief research.). To get those information might be healthier.

  1. If they are helpful, please observe: Be free of egoic reactions. Otherwise you would contribute to the misery of the world. Only from FREEEDOM change towards a truly better world can come.