Sun Spots: Governments Need to Enact Protection (Much More)


As only recently an article has shown, an eruption of the sun could have turned out catastrophic to the current societies on earth. With the general public probably still quite unaware of the risk, most governments have taken the threat not at all seriously, or have done almost nothing to protect people and civilisation. One can only hope that those who know and pray can protect us, if governments should not.

It would be advisable for people to contact their local MPs and politicians in order to get things going into a more positive direction.

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Background Information

Currently at, if not there search on that site for “2012” and “Erdveränderungen” with further references.


Maybe it could help to call Archangel Chamuel who, according to Doreen Virtue, Archangels & Ascended Masters, p. 18, if one is fearful about world events, can be called for comfort, protection and intervention.

How Airlines Have Risked Lives (Comment)

It is abomminable how airlines, despite all lessons that could have been drawn from the desaster in Ukraine, have continued or intended (and I am only wording in the perfect and past tense in order to avoid putting more energy into that) to continue to play with the lives of their passengers.

Not only did Malaysian Airlines, an airline I otherwise have cherished and did quite like to fly, fly over Syria / Irak instead – as if that was secure -, now airlines have given in to either ignorance, pressure or greed and stated they would resume flights to Tel Aviv, while there do not seem to be indications of a changed degree of safety.

Customers should vote both with letters to the airlines and, if adequate, with their feet.



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