The Website

This website is to inform about interesting developments in politics and the world in general, taking a particular interest in matters or privacy, justice and – as far as the topics chosen allow thus easily – growth of consciousness.

It is, for legal and practical reasons, only directed to people living outside the European Union, especially outside of Germany.  The name of the site, “Interessante Nachrichten”, is German, and it means “Interesting News”.

It is to uphold at least a German name, thus also to reflect the wish of the author, that a hassle-free (for those who know German and German law: free of “Abmahnungen”, free of press laws that require people in Germany named in the “Impressum”, nearly impossible demands on privacy (e.g.: how can you get the agreement of people necessary to view your site, before they view the site?) way of sharing information may become possible again.

Sometimes, the wording of articles may appear to be strange. But not wishing to turn up in search engines with certain words, they have been avoided in some articles, instead paraphrasing them.


The Authors

Currently only one: The administrator and owner of this website. A lawyer, teacher and poet. He has also worked as a coffeehouse pianist in Germany, a Coordinator for International Relations in Japan and in some other academic and non-academic functions in Germany, Japan and in Australia.

If you are friends with the author and would like to write here, please let him know.